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Welcome to SimplifiHCA

SimplifiHCA was established to simplify the complex healthcare ecosystem by bringing innovative solutions designed for employers, advisors, payers, and healthcare providers with a focus towards member engagement, better outcomes, increased productivity, and manage escalating costs.​

As a market segment experiencing escalating costs, changing regulations, imperfect resources, and limited proven solutions, SimplifiHCA strives to bridge the gaps and deliver best-in-class solutions for employers, payers, and providers.

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Featured Clients

ClaimInformatics is an independent claims auditing firm, with a emphasis on serving plans and members.  The CI coding and data mining capabilities use a fully-integrated rules-based engine to capture all national coding and payment guidelines. 
Connecting People . Products . Business Interests .


SimplifiHCA empowers participants in the healthcare ecosystem by providing innovate services, pioneering benefits, and demonstrated processes to improve savings, outcomes, and productivity.


“We cannot expect to solve problems with the same thinking with which we created them.”

Albert Einstein

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