Chris Schweitzer

Marketing Director

Chris is a design and communications professional with more than 30 years of experience in brand development, marketing, and client relations. As Marketing Director for SimplifiHCA, he brings a portfolio of disciplines to create a successful brand experience for our partners and clients:

• Identity develpment and application strategies

• Brand messaging and mission

• Omnichannel marketing and communications  

• Program development, troubleshooting and implementation

His award-winning creative problem solving across many industries provides benefits to our clients beyond healthcare. His disciplines concentrate on creating a “total brand experience” for partners, and developing a platform that distinguishes their product or service from their competition – while uniquely positioning them to their target audience. He combines core design ability cwith solid brand strategy and marketing for positioning and voice, creating a “package” unique for every client, every application. Emphasizing sound design and marketing strategies has provided award-winning results and proven successes to drive exceptional campaigns.


As Creative Director for a successful design studio, his brand and identity work includes complete creative and program development for multi-level marketing campaigns. Understanding the marketing process beyond initial development to become an asset to the “story” involved with every campaign, and being able to apply creative strategies to the communication and tactics necessary for effective implementation is key to client success.