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The nation's leading Center of Excellence provider for outpatient dialysis cost management and membership support.

Through member resources, advocacy and education, 

DialysisIQ provides peace of mind by significantly reducing outpatient dialysis costs for members and employers alike.

Members First,
Savings Focused.

What We Provide


Targeted to Help Members

  • Detailed review of last 24 months of claim data to recover overpayments

  • Saving plans up to 90% on current outpatient dialysis through claim repricing

  • Identifying clinics with the best medical outcomes

  • Reducing hospital admissions through use of home dialysis

From Care Champions

  • Identifying the best resources to help members navigate through challenging times

  • Assistance with obtaining early transplants

  • Proactive support and coordination of care which results in reducing the infection rate and hospital readmissions

  • Education and assistance with securing all coverage options


You Won't Find Anywhere Else

  • The member experience comes first – providing hope and assistance is our top priority

  • Personalized care strategies for members starting before treatment begins and continuing even after Medicare becomes primary

  • More efficient, stabilized plan spending for employers, decreasing  catastrophic claims, and improving cash flow

Members Have Access to the Finest Care 

  • Navigating all health benefits

  • Securing all coverage options

  • Making the best decisions regarding treatment

  • Coordinating the transplant process

  • Identifying local community support group

  • Obtaining savings on prescriptions and more!


Our Mission

  • Help people in their time of need

  • Reduce member out-of-pocket spending

  • Empower employers to help their employees

  • Save employers money

  • Prevention

Your Results

  • Healthier, happier employees

  • Employees can focus on getting the help they need

  • Fewer high-cost claims through early action

  • More efficient plan spending and improved cash flow

  • Impacting long-term employee health


Learn More About DialysisIQ
Our Care Champions will provide you with more information or schedule a demo.

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