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Affordable Prescriptions For Everyone

Low cost, predictable pricing, in-home delivery, and round-the-clock customer service.


Reduce employer drug costs up to 15%


A breakthrough
opportunity in
pharmacy benefits


Explore the Benefits of
a DiRx Partnership


DiRx offers employers, TPAs and stop loss companies access to a new digital pharmacy model that draws a straight line from supply to demand. We negotiate low pricing on most-commonly prescribed, FDA-approved generic medicine and eliminate the added fees and complex contracts associated with an insurance company or pharmacy benefits manager. Our turnkey experience gets the utilization you desire, with no added effort or expense on behalf of your clients. No implementation or start-up costs.


Everyone should be able to get the medication they need.


And yet millions of Americans don’t have access to daily medicines. Advancements in science have produced incredible life-saving drug therapies. But financial, physical and industry barriers continue. They deny people access to medicines that can relieve them from the burden of disease. It’s time to reinvent pharmacy. So we did.


DiRx simplifies life with a digital pharmacy.

Easy, affordable, reliable access leads to increased adherence and satisfaction. Broad access to generic medicine can spread savings across your membership. And guaranteed, sustainable low pricing saves everyone money.

By minimizing barriers, we can change lives.


No one should miss out on their medicine because of financial, physical or industry hoops to jump through. By putting people first, we can broaden access to life enhancing medicines for all.


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Find out how SimplifiHCA's Strategic Partner, DiRx, can strengthen your offering.

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