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Whether you are a large or small PEO looking to make sense of your claims and premium data, a broker seeking to establish yourself as a serious player in the market, or a medical management company looking to deliver the best value to your clients, the challenges are largely the same, and they tend to revolve around how best to make health data actionable and use it to drive decision-making.


Let our Health Data IQ platform and trademarked 3-step process bring your claims, pharmacy, and premium data to life and empower you to act quicker to reduce your health plan costs.


We create actionable insights to help organizations solve big healthcare challenges, empowering decision-makers to improve lives and reduce costs…

Health Cost IQ (HCQ) was borne out of the Founder and CEO’s (Jude Odu) PhD research into the enormous health costs associated with hospital treatment, and the lack of proportionally positive health outcomes that result from those high costs. In brief, Health Cost IQ is a SaaS ecosystem that helps minimize excessive healthcare spending through a proven methodology that identifies various risk factors present in medically insured populations, analyses those risks, and provides clear solutions to help clients minimize such risks, thereby reducing unnecessary costs and saving organizations money.

Analysis paralysis, as you know, is a common symptom of data overload. It’s not that people don’t know what they are looking for. The problem is that it takes many steps and many clicks to get to the data needed, and then many more hours to make sense of the data once it is found. HCQ simplifies those agonizing efforts by performing advanced risk stratification and predictive modeling processes on data being analyzed, and then presenting the results in a clean, easy to use interface, enabling quick delivery of information needed so that time is spent on making important decisions.

One of Peter Drucker’s famous tenets was “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Due to the work of HCQ, today’s maxim is “You can’t manage what you can’t predict!”

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