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T. Kent Graham


A “retired” CEO who is currently a Church Elder, director of 3 medical service organizations and President of a Holistic Health Institute, Kent has over 40 years of C-Suite experience in business, finance and healthcare management. His extensive resume includes:

  • Investment bank co-founder specializing in providing healthcare industry consulting, financing and M&A opportunities to Chase Bank.

  • President of the Visiting Nurse Foundation of Los Angeles.

  • Director, Treasurer and acting CFO for the Visiting Nurse Association of Los Angeles.

  • Director and Treasurer of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute.

A graduate of Dartmouth and following 8 years of service as a Lieutenant in the Navy, Kent set sales and operating records for 4 financial institutions on both coasts. In 1995, returning to his college aspirations of a career in medicine, Kent established his own company to focus on the “business of healthcare”. In that capacity, he has consulted on every facet of healthcare management. In addition, Kent continues to focus on business development for Employee Relations, Inc., a 25 year- old company specializing in proactive mitigation of work-place safety. In the latter capacity, with his continued focus on the healthcare industry, Kent personally acquired 100% of the screening business for one the largest drug companies in the U.S.

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