Our success comes from our unique approach to problem solving and ensuring client success through a network of Strategic Partners and an innovative Product Representation Program.


Automated AI Solutions to Improve Healthcare Quality and Performance

4L Data Intelligence™ helps healthcare providers and payers, insurance companies and governments improve service quality, serve more people and lower costs by improving data, provider, payment and decision integrity. Through their proprietary, automated solutions, 4L is able to elevate provider integrity, automate inefficient processes and prevent fraud, waste and abuse.


Transforming the Delivery of Patient Care with eConsults

AristaMD is a telehealth company dedicated to healthcare innovation. Our leading eConsult platform provides a telehealth solution that empowers primary care providers with clinical workup checklists and the ability to conduct electronic consults (also known as e-consults, eConsults or virtual consults) to significantly improve the patient referral process and allow greater access to timely, high-quality care.


Pre & Post-Payment Integrity 

ClaimInformatics is a payment integrity vendor specializing in accurate claims analysis and revenue recovery designed to protect healthcare plans and their members. Through proprietary software and program technology, ClaimInformatics can identify overbilling errors, track improper payments and error codes, and uncover medical fraud, waste and abuse.


Members First, Savings Focused

DialysisIQ is the nation’s leading Center of Excellence provider for outpatient dialysis member support. DialysisIQ improve the member experience with respect to dialysis and significantly reduce outpatient dialysis costs for the member and the employer. Through member resources, advocacy and education, DialysisIQ provides peace of mind by significantly reducing outpatient dialysis costs for members and employers alike. Plans also help employers by containing costs, reducing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse within claims, and improving cash flow.


Affordable Prescriptions for Everyone

DiRx offers employers, TPAs and stop-loss companies access to a new digital Pharmacy model that draws a straight line from supply to demand. DiRx negotiates low pricing on the 1000 + most-commonly prescribed, FDA-approved generic medicines and eliminate added fees and complex contracts associated with insurance companies or pharmacy benefits managers.


Data Analytics

Health Cost IQ (HCQ) simplifies the agonizing efforts of data analytics by performing advanced risk stratification and predictive modeling processes, and then presenting the results in a clean, easy to use interface, enabling quick delivery of information needed so that time is spent on making important decisions.


Results-Based Network for TRUE Managed Healthcare

Health Ohio Network  is an independent statewide provider network founded by former PPO network executives and hospital administrators, providing a bold alternative in the delivery of healthcare benefits. HON’s model results in systemic efficiency,  stabilizing healthcare costs & premiums while directing  patients to true accountable healthcare organizational settings & outcomes.


The Forefront of Specialty Drug Cost Containment


Payer Matrix, LLC is a Specialty Drug Cost Containment Company that focuses on procuring alternative funding for specialty drugs, providing a substantial cost saving to our clients and members who may not otherwise have this type of discounted access to the medication they need.


Instantly Find Your  Best Care Options

Radius Care, Inc. is a healthcare technology company specializing in data research and applications for members, allowing them to take better control of their health and make better decisions for care. Accurate, personalized information provides the best resources for patient health issues in patient geographic area, including providers, medications, supplies and services.