Servicing Providers and Payers


SimplifiHCA exists for the purpose of serving both healthcare providers and payers.

There are three very distinctive benefits to working with SimplifiHCA:

  • You will gain access to some of the most innovative and effective healthcare products and services available today to improve quality, control costs and improve revenue.

  • You will have expert advocates working with you to determine your needs.

  • Every product or service of our strategic partners will improve patient outcomes and/or reduce costs.

Engaging SimplifiHCA successfully addresses the following questions:

  1. What solutions does my organization require to achieve core business objectives for growth and value?

  2. How can my organization’s visibility be improved resulting in new and uncontemplated revenue and consistent business growth?

  3. How can my organization penetrate our desired markets while minimizing the cost of acquiring new business?

SimplifiHCA addresses the above by deploying a team of expert senior executives, each of whom has:

  • Hands-on healthcare depth as a CEO, Director and/or C-Suite responsibility

  • Proven ability to produce results

  • An enviable cadre of networked healthcare relationships

A Unique Approach

Our approach is unique in the healthcare industry. We thoroughly vet our senior executives as well as those companies that seek our representation and will only bring on board those that meet our rigorous standards. The areas of evaluation include meaningful innovation, history of client satisfaction, marketing successes and value. The result brings the best of the best to address and resolve your needs.

Three Distinct Service Areas


SimplifiHCA provides its dynamic, quality service in three particular areas:






When companies choose to implement SimplifiHCA’s Product Representation Program, they are committing to deploy services and technologies that work side-by-side with the appropriate payer or provider leaders to bring meaningful value to the success of their organization.

The success of our collaborative efforts produces both top and bottom-line growth, improved management information, better diagnostics, and better patient outcomes.

If it’s true that, as Julius Caesar commented, “experience is the teacher of all things,” then the SimplifiHCA team of executives will be an ideal complement to your current organization. We invite you to contact us to find out more about how we can help you ignite your performance…SIMPLY.