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Experienced, Well Connected Executive Consultants... Multiplying Your Sales Footprint

Congratulations! You have created a product or service designed to improve the healthcare ecosystem; and now it is time for a go to market strategy.  Or perhaps, the products or services have been available for a while, but you are not experiencing the customer reach you need.   


SimplifiHC can help.​


We begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your products and services, how they differ from your competitors, and who is your best target markets. We then ignite our team of Executive Consultants who will introduce your concept to our expensive network of relationships within your target markets.

SimplifiHC igniting...
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Why SimplifiHC?

Each of the SimplifiHC Executive Consultants have over 20 years healthcare and insurance experience working with the C-Suite influencers of companies across the nation.

The SimplifiHC Executive Consultant team will leverage their extensive network of contacts to deliver business opportunities to grow your business.

With a laser focused goal, our experienced team collaborates on a strategic marketing plan to align initiatives, expand the brand, and provide direct representation.

SimplifiHC connects innovative solutions with customers looking to manage their part of the healthcare ecosystem with improve value, cost savings, and outcomes.





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​Companies choose SimplifiHC’s product alliance program in an effort to deliver their product or service into the healthcare marketplace.  The SimplifiHC Executive Consultants utilize their strategic network and connect our product alliance clients with qualified end users.

The success of our collaborative efforts produces both top and bottom-line growth, improved management information, better diagnostics, and better patient outcomes.

If it’s true that, as Julius Caesar commented, “experience is the teacher of all things,” then the SimplifiHC team of executives are the ideal complement to your company. We invite you to contact us to find out more about how we can help you ignite your performance…SIMPLY.​

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