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Our Customers

SimplifiHC was established to simplify the complex healthcare ecosystem by bringing innovative solutions designed for employers, advisors, payers, and healthcare providers with a focus towards member engagement, better outcomes, increased productivity, and manage escalating costs.​
As a market segment experiencing escalating costs, changing regulations, imperfect resources, and limited proven solutions, SimplifiHC strives to bridge the gaps and deliver best-in-class solutions for employers, payers, and providers.

The years of experience, in all facets of the healthcare industry, possessed within the SimplifiHC team helps us to understand the difference between the theoretical and the practical. We know how to identify the needs/concerns of our customers and their businesses and work to align with the realities of our Healthcare Provider Customers and Payers. With decades of experience as both buyers and sellers of products, services, and companies from all corners of the healthcare industry, SimplifiHC can provide you with a unique insight into products and services that can help improve your clinical and financial standing in the communities you serve.







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