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Client Partners

We, through our many years in the healthcare industry, believe when healthcare delivery improves, the lives of participants improve. The first question you may ask is, how can SimplifiHC help achieve the above? SimplifiHC scours the healthcare market for innovative companies that can answer the following questions:

  1. Can their capability improve patient outcomes?

  2. Can it improve employee productivity?

  3. Can it save the employer and members money?

  4. Can workflow and process improvements be achieved?

New innovations emerge every day, who knows which innovators will be able to: meet the rigorous requirements that our customers deserve? We do. SimplifiHC puto our client partners through a thorough vetting process, to ensure that you get the best solution from the best provider.

WLT Software

WLT Software is a comprehensive claims processing software designed to bring effiency, speed and accuracy to healthcare claims for employee benefit plans and Workers' Compensation plans. With four modules, administrators, providers, brokers, members and plans can access the vital information related to claims is an easily.

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Client partner is a population health and clinical predictive modeling, automated claims integration, and stop loss reporting to provide actionable information that will enhance revenue, contain cost and risk. The model uses sophisticated algorithms to predict the clinical events and associated cost | outcomes for each member based on medical pharmacy claims, and lab data.



Pharmacy model that draws a straight line from supply to demand. We negotiate low pricing on the 1000+ most-commonly prescribed, FDA-approved generic medicines and eliminate added fees and complex contracts associated with insurance companies or pharmacy benefits managers.

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Digital Medical Home is customizable to meet healthcare needs.Core next generation virtual care services, including primary care, behavioral health and urgent care as well as a suite of supplemental benefits, such as chronic care management, pharmacy and teledenistry on a SAAS pl

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Virtual clinic delivering a comprehensive medication-assisted treatment program for weight management and emotional eating, with breakthrough impact on long lasting results. Based on uncovering and addressing the core issues that are affecting mind set, eating habits, and physiology. 30,000 patient study demonstrating success model.

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3Sixty Solutions

A truly comprehensive care solution in an integrated program, bringing it all together (predictive analytics, wellbeing, disease management). The engine of HCRM's Population Health Analytics, based on member need and motivation score - including identifying and tracking 'impactability' on cost and personal health, PLUS Med Well (Mediterranean Wellness) targeted engagement for advocacy, drug interaction, and care gaps and enhanced digital well-being based on data and need, POWERED by HealthCare Strategies (HCS) to optimize and manage virtual nursing outreach and medical management of claims and integrated health interventions.

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4L Data Intelligence

4L Data Intelligence™ helps healthcare providers, payers, insurance companies, and governments improve service quality, serve more people and lower costs by improving data, provider, payment and decision integrity. Through their proprietary, automated solutions, 4L is able to elevate provider integrity, automate inefficient processes and prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

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Examines historical, current, and future health plan dimensions, identifies cost drivers, and provides tested solutions to minimize expenditures. Planwatch is extremely affordable and fully supported with service, expertise, and 24/7 monitoring. They provide individual or multi-plan offerings, and options for multi-tier benefit structures

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3Fitt is a simple and effective health and well-being platform that is designed with flexibility in mind. Our digital and mobile platform provides extensive tools and resources designed to strengthen health and well-being while cultivating culture - your culture - which is why it is flexible, customizable, and branded with your name, logo, and graphics to make it truly your own.

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Claim Information

ClaimInformatics is a payment integrity vendor specializing in accurate claims analysis and revenue recovery designed to protect healthcare plans and their members. Through proprietary software and program technology, ClaimInformatics can identify overbilling errors, track improper payments and error codes, and uncover medical fraud, waste and abuse.

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